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Pressure Gauges

pressure gauges

PINTER Pressure Gauges are divided according to their measuring element: Bourdon tube (Type P1)
Capsule (Type P2)
Diaphragm (Type P3)
These pressure gauges are selected according to their intended pressure range and their application.
Ranges are available:
Positive pressure from 0 - 600 Pa (6 mbar)
to 0 - 40 MPa (4 000 bar)
Negative pressure (vacuum)
from -100 kPa - 0 kPa
to - 600 Pa - 0 kPa
Pressure gauges are available with high
& low alarm contacts, with transmitter output, with chemical seals, and several other features.
Please contact MECOSA for detailed information.

Indicating Pressure Switches

Manocomb switches
The PINTER Indicating Pressure Switches, type MANOCOMB & MINICOMB, are based on the "Force-Balance-Principle". They offer high precision and an extremely tough measuring system absolutely friction free.
Measuring ranges:
Positive pressure from 0 - 6 kPa (60 mbar)
to 0 - 4 MPa (400 bar)
Negative pressure (vacuum)
from -100 kPa - 0 kPa
to - 6 kPa - 0 kPa
Wetted parts: brass or SS 316 Ti
Set point adjustment without special tools or reference pressure.
Set point accuracy: ± 1%
Indication accuracy: ± 1 %
Repeatability: ± 0,03 %
Available with transmitter output and in Ex

Pressure Transducers


The features of the PINTER Indusens
pressure transmitters include the following:
• a million times proven ceramic sensor
• pressure ranges from -100 - 0 kPa
     to 0 - 60 MPa
• relative and absolute pressure
• output signal 4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V
     with an accuracy of <0,5% fsd
• various process and various electrical      connection possibilities
• flush diaphragm models and high     temperature versions.

Pressure Meters/

In Press
Measuring principle: piezo-resistive bridge
Integrated PID control
Pressure ranges: 2 - 10 kPa to 0 - 40 MPa
Application: pressure measurement and control for gases and liquids
Accuracy: ±0,5 % of fsd
Signal output: 0-5/10V DC or 0/4-20 mA
Max. temperature: 70 °C
Max. pressure: 40 M/Pa
Body material: SS 316L, Viton gaskets
Metal sealed models available
Process connection: compression fittings
Required power: 15 - 24 V DC
Interface: RS 232
Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus-RTU and FLOW-BUS, ATEX