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Digital Handheld Tachometers

handheld tacho
RHEINTACHO's proven and tested digital handheld tachometers record rotational speed and run-lengths. Some of them use a precise beam of light together with a piece of reflective tape affixed to the rotating element. To others the user can connect a mechanical adapter that accepts a variety of contact tips, as well as a surface speed wheel. For the running line speed and length of yarns, wires and similar materials, a special contact adapter can be supplied.
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Digital Handheld Stroboscopes

handheld strobe
RHEINTACHO's digital handheld stroboscopes reliable measure, control, test and indicate rotational speed and vibration movements.
Two models are available:
Rolux Pocket Strobe and RT STROBE.
The Rolux covers a range of 30 to 12 500
FPM (flashes per minute)
while the RT STROBE goes up to 300 000 FPM.
Accuracy: ± 0,01% from display ± 1 digit.
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Mechanical Tachometers

Mechanical Tachos

RHEINTACHO has been offering mechanical rotational speed indicators based on the tried-and-tested technology of the eddy-current tachometer for over seventy years.
The mechanical indicators simultaneously measure and visualize the speed of rotating objects. At the same time they totalise the revolutions.
The mechanical tachometers are connected directly to the point of movement via a shaft and flexible coupling. They do not require an electrical power supply.
RHEINTACHO manufactures quite a large range of these measuring devices in various sizes and configurations.
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Tacho Generators

Tacho generators
RHEINTACHO tacho generators reliably measure the rotational speed of motors.
The rotation is mechanically transferred directly via a shaft and flexible coupling to the tachogenerator. The electrical output of the tacho generator is proportional to the rotation measured and is transmitted to an electrical indicator or signal converter.
A huge variety of tacho generators is available: single phase, three phase, AC and DC generators.
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Electrical Speed Indicators

electrical speed indicators
RHEINTACHO offers a huge variety of electrical speed indicators: different case styles and sizes, different mounting possibilities and options. Their electrical speed indicators do not only accept input signals from their own tacho generators or speed transmitters but also from other signal sources.
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Non-contact Speed Sensors

speed sensors
RHEINTACHO's rotational speed sensors
use various magnetic proximity measuring principles to monitor the speed of machine components in a range between
0 and 30 000 rpm. The application itself determines the measuring principle to be used.
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Speed Monitor

speed monitor
The programmable speed monitor from RHEINTACHO observe the rotational movements of motors, machines, and other rotational systems. Because of its variety of functions and its variable programmable options, the speed monitor is flexible enough to fit in with various system requirements.
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